Wall Trio Succulent Baskets

I love making my own wall art, and you can too!

If you saw my previous succulent frame blog post, you know how easy it is! Well guess what…these are even easier!

What you need:

•  Two shallow baskets/trays and one plain cutting board/tray

• Faux succulents (I prefer bigger succulents for this display) I especially love hanging succulents.

• Nailless picture hangers

• Floral pins

• Floral foam disks

• Wire cutters

• Hammer

• Screws for hanging

Basket 1:

Step 1:

Use Floral pins to attach floral disk to basket. If pins poke out of the disk on the other side bend them inwards so there’s no chance of getting poked!

Step 2:

Attach Hanging succulent to floral disk by cutting stem to size and pre poking hole. Stick the stem as far as it can go. If it’s not secure enough use hot glue to fasten it into place.

Step 3:

Weave bigger succulents through to holes in the basket.

Step 4:

Make sure the floral disk isn’t showing, and hang!

Basket 2:

Step 1:

Attach nailless picture hanger.

Weave in succulents, like in basket 1.

and hang!


Step 1: (The easiest)

Attach nailless picture hangers, and hang!


Before you hang them, make sure that the placement will be pleasing to the eye. My basket with the hanging succulent is on top because it balances the bottom two.

Tag me in a picture of your own basket trio to get a chance at a feature and shout out!



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