Succulents. Succulents. Succulents.


They’re Faux!

Succulents are SO in for spring and I’m so glad! I have them all around my house and I’m gonna show you some simple and easy ways to incorporate them into yours as well!


The best part about faux succulents is that you don’t have to have a green thumb! I’m always traveling, and even though live succulents are really resilient, I’m always worried about forgetting to water them! Not only are faux succulents easy, they also are so realistic! You don’t even know they’re fake until you touch them, and they’re super cheap! I like to  arrange my own, although there’s some adorable ones at Target and Crate and Barrel too!

The arrangement that I’ve shown you today is super easy AND affordable! You only need two things!

  • a pot

  • separate faux succulents (I got mine from Hobby Lobby! Their succulents are really well priced and realistic!)

I’ve chosen three different types of succulents to put in my pot. I really like the way the variation compliments each other, especially the “draping” succulent.

This arrangement was only $30! Most faux succulent arrangements are a lot more expensive for this size.



I also LOVE this old antique book I found in Santa Barbara, it’s from 1925! Coffee table books are a great conversation starter, especially one that has so much history. 





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