Succulent Frame

I absolutely love succulent frames! They’re very popular right now but they’re also very expensive, so I decided to make my version that’s much more cost effective.


What you need:



• A wooden tray/frame/shadow box in a size you like. You can get them from any craft store, I got my 12×18 frame at Hobby Lobby for $29.99

• Dry floral foam sheet cut to size .  Foam should be the same or slightly less thick than the sides of your frame.

• 1 ¾ inch floral pins   

• Lots and lots of faux succulents. I used 40 small succulents in my frame.

• Green moss sheets 

• Large nailless sawtooth picture hanger

• Hot glue gun and glue sticks. I used 3 whole glue sticks on mine.

• Scissors or craft blades.

• Floral wire cutters

• Hammer

• 2 screws for hanging

Step 1:

Turn frame over and hammer two picture frame holders evenly on either side of the frame.

Step 2:

Cut floral foam to size.

And hot glue foam to the the inside of the frame.

Step 3:

Cut moss into strips.

Step 4:

Hot glue and pin first moss strip to foam.

Step 5:

Cut your first succulents stem to size if needed.

Poke a small hole into the foam.

Step 6:

Hot glue the end of the stem and stick into the pre poked hole.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 5-6 until the strip is covered.

Step 8:

Hot glue and pin next strip to foam.

and repeat steps 5-6.

Step 9:

Once you get to the last piece make sure you cut enough moss to cover the edges.

Hot glue them to the side to the foam.

Finish placing your succulents.


Hang and enjoy! 🙂

(How amazing is that groovy Jaxn Blvd sign!!)

Most succulent frames are selling for $250-500, mine was $115 🙂

The cost is very flexible due to your choice of supplies. Faux succulents range in price, so it’s up to you to choose ones that you like best and suit your wallet as well.

Tag me with your own frames on instagram for a chance to be featured!


2 thoughts on “Succulent Frame”

  1. I absolutely love this! I’d love to give it a go, but I’m so bad at DIY haha! Are you selling them at all?

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