Rustic Laptop Stand

How cool is this laptop stand!



I don’t know about you but I would much rather be comfortable on the couch then at my desk worrying about my posture! 😉


This rustic laptop stand is very easy to make and I’m gonna show you how! 🙂




What you need:


• three 7″ wide 18″ long poplar wood boards (or other wood of your choice)

• two 5″ wide 18″ long poplar wood boards (or other wood of your choice)


• four small brackets

• two long brackets

• four corner brackets

• two handles

• metallic spray paint


• fifty (to be safe) silver screws

• sandpaper


Tools you need:


• Drill and bits

• Screw gun and bits

• hand or electric saw

• pencil

• leveler

• tape measure

• and a friend

• electric sander * optional *




Step 1:



Lay brackets on a plastic sheet, spray paint all of your brackets, and then let them dry.



Step 2:


Lay one wide piece of wood and smaller boards on either side.



Step 3:


Once brackets are dry place brackets where you would like them.


Step 4:


Now screw them into place.


Step 5:

Measure one of your wider boards and mark where to cut.


Step 6:


Now mark the other side.


Step 7:


Cut boards on that line.



Step 8:

Sand the edges with sandpaper or an electric sander.



Step 9:


Pre drill holes in the left side, middle, and right side to match up with the main top.


Step 10:


Now place corner brackets where you want them.


Step 11:



Mark holes with a pencil, pre drill holes, and then screw into place.


Step 12:

Find the middle exact middle of the board to mark the handle holes.


Step 13:

Pre drill holes for the handles on both sides.

Now from the back side screw in holes to attach the handles.



And you’re done!!



Also how cute is this ‘Ive got good taste’ water bottle!

It’ll be in my next Sasha In Good Taste giveaway!



The best part about this laptop stand is that it doesn’t just have to be just a laptop stand.

It’s also a great food tray, amongst other things!















20 thoughts on “Rustic Laptop Stand”

  1. I am definitely going to have to build this. I am currently building a hedgehog cage so this will be on my list for my next projects.


  2. I can’t wait to try this next weekend! Have any diy ideas for floating wall shelves or wall bookshelves? Can’t wait to try the give away! I need that bottle to match my phone case!

  3. It looks so great Sash! I loved it. You gave me a good idea. My mom’s birthday is coming. This Rustic Stand is great for her when she brings work home. I also can use it as a suprise breakfast in bed.

  4. OMG Sasha! The whole way through reading this i was singing bob the builder but Sasha the builder instead! You’re so cute and if only my dad or my girlfriend would trust me with any of these tools (I’m 13 and a very clumsy girl) I would make this 😂 But as I said I’m not trusted 😂 LOVE YOU SO MUCH SASHY BEAR ❤️

  5. This is so cool. It was a lot easier to make than it looked! That is perfect for sitting on the couch, or even breakfast in bed. This is on my top of the list for DIY things to do.

  6. With much style, easy to make according to what shows jajajaja and it looks beautiful with multiple functions .. it is impressive

  7. I’ve always been terrible at diy but after reading this i think I’ll give it one more try just because it seems like you actually had fun making it and also my desk is killing my back so….wish me luck everyone!

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