Pretty Little Liars Finale

Yesterday marked the end of a major

chapter in my life.


As I’m sure a few of you know, the TV show Pretty Little Liars had it’s very last finale last night.

I woke up feeling sick with a huge knot in my stomach! It’s so surreal that there will be no more live “previously on Pretty Little Liars” and no more “Shhh’s” at the end of that now very iconic song.

But as I joined my PLL family to watch the finale, I was hit by this wave of absolute joy.

It dawned on me that this is an end to an era. A very important era, but even more importantly it was a time to celebrate. To embrace the incredibly wonderful time we all shared together and to soak in every bit of joy it had brought me and others.

PLL…playing Alison has been such a crucial part of my childhood and now adulthood.

From starting and graduating high school, getting my drivers license, buying my first home,

getting engaged to my best friend, and now wedding planning, what a trip!

For those of you who are fans, I just want to thank you.

I wish I could give all of you a huge hug!

You have seen me grow and you have grown with me.

Thank you for always sticking by me, for never giving up on me or Alison.

As I enter this new chapter of my life, I hope you will continue with me.

There’s so many new fun adventures I’m about to journey through and I would be so honored if you all ride along with me.

Sasha in Good Taste is definitely one of those adventures.

Sasha in Good Taste doesn’t just stop at this blog, there’s so many more things in store (very soon) that I can’t wait to show you!

Creating and entertaining is such a passion of mine and having you share that alongside me, means the absolute world to me!

We. are. family. and Rosewood will forever live on!

I wholeheartedly ADORE YOU!


Love, Sasha…-A



33 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Finale”

  1. Sasha I am so proud of you! I started watching this show in 7th grade and now I will be entering 11th this fall. I am so proud of the show and everything that has been accomplished in it! It is one of my favorite shows to watch. I had actually started watching it when I was sick one week in 7th grade. So funny that I remember I was sick during this time. I will truly miss Tuesday nights PLL. I always looked forward to those nights. It is something I could look foward too when a rough week of school was ahead. I wish the best of luck to you and your cast mates. You guys have truly inspired me.

    1. Don’t want to make this so long Sasha lol just want to ty for giving us the best Ali ever. Ali taught the fans that even tho ur the biggest BITCH of a bullie, everyone can change and have a second chance. U showed the fans how-to be true to urself and follow ur heart. I didn’t get into the show tell like about 1yr ago watched all the 6 seasons in about 3weeks that’s how hooked I got. I’m 44yrs old and I’ve seen so many shows in my life time. But a show like PLL I have never seen. Meaning a cast,crew,etc that are a family. The chemistry the cast had on set and off is AMAZING. I’m so glad I came across this show on YouTube. I dont regret not one min of the show at all. I love u and everyone from the cast,crew,etc.. Sasha I will follow u to the moon and back. We are family right, and family stands by each other at all time. So ty once again for everything. ❤❤❤❤😁😉

      Pls respond to ur social medias.

  2. I really treasure the experience growing up alongside you and the girls. Every tuesday felt special for me. Thank you for this perk of my life that you created. 😊
    I can’t wait to see what life brings you next.
    I’ll definitly stay tuned for the “next episode” 😄.
    Love you 😊

  3. I loved pretty little liars from the first day I watched it when its very first episode aired. I told all my friends to watch it we would all gather on Tuesday nights just to watch together at least until we all started working . I love the character Allison thru every season and you was the best one to play Allison . I want to thank you and everyone on the show for making my Tuesday nights for almost 7 years great . I can’t believe it’s over its not a goodbye it’s a see you later . 😊

  4. I have no words. You said it all. I will just say thank you for everything, I love you and yes I will stay by your side. Off to new adventures!

  5. We’re sooo proud of you! That’s true… we’ve all seen you growing up, and it has been amazing: seeing the process, the development of the character, the improvement… This show has left a mark on us (7 years! What?!) and I’m sure people will still watch it in the next years.
    I’m very excited to see what you have prepared now. Your next projects, Sasha in Good Taste… Thanks for everything!
    Spain xx

  6. Wow I’ve watched since I was 7 and now I’m going to be 14 in oct it’s going to be so hard to move on because I love that show so much and it made me so incredibly happy watchingit Evan on the darkest days Im so glad that I found the show and it made such a big impact on my life that it’s sad that it over but I will remember the message and life lessons it gave me and will never for get all you and all of the cast -A jk Danika

  7. Wow I’ve watched since I was 7 and now I’m going to be 14 in oct it’s going to be so hard to move on because I love that show so much and it made me so incredibly happy watching it Evan on the darkest days Im so glad that I found the show and it made such a big impact on my life that it’s sad that it over but I will remember the message and life lessons it gave me and will never forget you and all of the cast -A jk Danika

  8. I can’t imagine it’s the end ! Pretty Little Liars was changed my life, forever. My style, my visions of things… grow up quite simply ! I see me in ten years, watch again and again this TV show. And maybe with my daugther, if I have one…

    So, good continuation in your projects. I look forward your next recipes, DIY…
    Kiss from France ♥

    (sorry for my bad English)

  9. Oh wow, i can’t believe it came to an end but I’m so proud of you!! You’ve accomplished a lot and this is only the beginning I can’t wait to see you on my screen again this is such a good feeling! This is the end of 7 years but the beginning of so much more, I love you to pieces and I can’t believe I’ve grown up supporting you and meeting you. I’m so grateful and words cannot express how much I love you❤️

  10. Sasha, there could have been no one in this world that could have played Ali better than you. You brought to life one of the most complex and dynamic characters I’ve seen and you did it seamlessly. Being the same age as you and watching you act since we were both little makes it feel like I have grown up with you in a way. Also, I am married so seeing you engaged and confident going into marraige at a young age makes me even more confident in my decision. Your fearless talent from the time you were so little auditioning for the show, to now has been so apparent and inspiring to watch. You are so loved!!! Thank you for being so genuine and connected to us. xoxo❤

  11. Loved the finale! It all finally made sense to me. I loved all the happy endings but also how real it was. I started watching PLL when I started I was 15 and now I’m 21. The show was the first show I was obsessed with and I know I will continue to rewatch it. Thanks for all your hard work these past 7 years and I can’t wait to see what you do next as well as everyone!

  12. I loved you playing Alison on PLL, But I love you a Sasha way more. I’m so proud of the person you have become. Thank you for seven wonderful seasons. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished in the last seven years! I cant wait to see where you go from here! Good Luck!

  13. It was really a great experience of 7 years with you all. PLL is and will be the favorite show for me. I am sure when I will be old, there will not be any “Harry Potter” or “Cinderella” memories I will tell, but “ONLY PLL”.

    Lots of love. Emison forever. Long Live PLL.

  14. I will miss this show so much and I honestly don’t think any show I will ever watch can ever beat it. I cried when I saw you, Lucy, Shay, Ashley, and Troian’s last scene together. It has changed the way I see every around me; in a good way.I wish you and the whole cast the best. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you.

  15. Thank you Sasha for all these incredible 7 years by your side 😭 I didn’t watch series until I knew that, PLL. I have learned a lots of things and I have to thank you ❤️ I really love and enjoy the show and it turned my life completely in a very good way. I hope one day you can read me and answer me because I love you more than my life and you are so important to me😍 Thaks for all, really. Best wishes, sweetie princess 😭 from another liar, called Lucía (from Spain)❤️❤️

  16. Hello my princess. I’m a fan who admires you a lot, for all her trajectory and all her history, it’s fantastic! I’m from Brazil, and addicted to the Pretty Little Liars series, like many other people, but I’ve been following you and getting to know your work every day and I’m amazed at everything I see. Congratulations on being this great girl, I know that not even so soon will I meet you in person, but who knows one day I will have such great pleasure ?! I love you.

  17. Hi Sasha. It’s been a week since the finale, and I still can’t believe it’s over! Part of me was happy with how things ended, but part of me wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Still, I want to thank you for giving life to Alison DiLaurentis. Thank you for Emison. You’re not just a beautiful actress, but you are extremely talented as well. And most importantly, I can see that you’re also an amazing person! Rosewood will always have a special place in my heart because you were in it. I wish you the best of luck in your new journey!

    Know that you have a fan here in the Philippines! xoxo

  18. Sasha thank you for 7 amazing years.. You and the cast gave us a story to relate to all the ups and downs of life.. All ths problems we face in life and how to be truthful to yourself… You helped me become comfortable with my body and you helped me love myself again sooo i just wanted to say thank you

    Love britney andrea
    From south africa johburg
    We love and support you come visit plz

  19. Thank you for showing us a magnificent change in Ali and entertaining us throughout all of the seasons of pll. I’m going to miss it so much
    Ily ❤️❤️

  20. Thank YOU Sasha for giving us the best Alison we could have hoped for. Ever since I started watching the show I fell in love with the way you and all the girls brought the characters to life. All of the PLL fans are eternally grateful to you all for giving us such a great show. I can’t wait to see what adventures life takes you on. Love you!❤️❤️

  21. Thanks Sasha for gracing us with your amazing acting! No one could of done Ali more justice than you! 💜💖 Thanks for all you are and all you have done xx.

  22. You inspired ever since I started watching Pretty Little Liars❣️
    I made an edit on Instagram about Ali on my account @plleditzxo . x

  23. Sasha I’m so proud of you and the other girls, thank you for this amazing seven years, It’s been a journey, and now that’s become to an end. I’m going to miss that tuesday nights, being in my couch watching the show and then share my thought’s and my theories on twitter, and of course I’m going to miss Alison, Love you little liar, and I will be waiting for your new adventures

  24. Thank you for being Alison on PLL. I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars for about a year. The last year. Even though I’m young ( I’m 10 ) I will always have a place in my heart for the Liars and the series itself! I had a dream I met you last night. It was the best dream ever. So now I really want to meet you! Anyway I just want to say thank you and I love you Sasha! Love from Dublin, California

  25. I started watching the show this year and it immediately became my favorite! I would watch at least 5 episodes a day. I literally cried after the Finale. You are such an inspiration to me and you will always be!!!😘😘😘 I look forward to seeing you in more tv shows.

  26. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years it really doesn’t fill like it’s been 7 years I don’t want pll to end but I will always remember Alison,emily,hanna,Aria,Spencer I wish y’all the best love y’all from united states xoxo Audrey

  27. Pretty little liars was amazing! I love every part of it! I loved it so much! I loved Haleb and Emison and thankyou to all the five girls for all the amazing work they did! You all did so good and I am going to miss pretty little liars so much! ♥️

  28. You have no idea what I would give up to just have one more season of PLL. I miss it so much, it feels like there is a hole in my heart and I miss you Shay, Ashley, Troian and Lucy together all at the same time. But at least we all have the memories right? <3

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