Lord Varys’ Little Birds.

All jokes aside this is a very simple but absolutely delicious chicken roast recipe!


Here’s what you need!


• 2 organic medium whole chickens

• 4 organic lemons

• 8oz organic lemon juice

• 2 cups bone broth

• ½ cup olive oil

• 6-8 cloves of garlic or 3 tsp crushed garlic

• 6-10 rosemary sprigs

• 6-10 fresh oregano stems

• sea salt

• pepper

• roaster or oven roast pan

• a jar

• a baster



OK…lets do this!


Step 1:

Pour your olive oil into a jar

And then add your fresh rosemary!

(p.s. I got this handy dandy herb separator from Target for $7)


Step 2:

Now add your fresh oregano!


Step 3:

Chop garlic cloves and pour half of your lemon juice into the jar.



Step 4:

Slice your lemons.


Step 5:

Ok…so here comes the gross part!

First, wash your hands!

Second, remove chickens from packaging and gently rinse under cool water (Removing giblets from the internal cavity if necessary).

Now, place them into your roaster or in your roasting pan.

Step 6:

Add your bone broth and the rest of your fresh rosemary.

Step 7:

Now add almost all of your lemon slices and the rest of your fresh oregano.


Step 8:


Warning! Also gross….

Cut small slits and separate some of the skin from the meat.

Now use your baster to fill crevices with olive oil mixture.

Quick tip!! These little holes are great for whole garlic cloves! Stick ’em in there!


Step 9:

Pour the rest of your lemon juice over the birds and then very lightly sprinkle sea salt and pepper.

Finally, fill the chest cavity with the rest of your lemon slices and any extra garlic cloves.

Now for the easiest part!

Set your roaster to 450˚F for 15 minutes

After 15 minutes turn the roaster down to 350˚F for about 1 ½-2 hours. Works like a charm!

Check on the birds every 20 minutes, and with your baster, suck up juices from the bottom and add to the top of your birds to keep them from drying out.


And Voi-la! A perfect chicken roast 🙂

By the way, this is the same combo I use for our holiday turkeys

and (knock on wood) it’s turned out perfect every year.






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  1. Receita maravilhosa esse frango ficou tão lindo e parece tão saboroso que deu vontade de comê-lo agora. Parabéns sasha suas receitas e atividades estão sempre incríveis bjs.❤😍

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