Little Dude’s 1st birthday!

One of my best friends has THE CUTEST baby boy!

I love him to bits and I can’t believe he’s turning one tomorrow!

I wanted to share with you this fun little gift basket I whipped up for him.



I decided to go for a jungle theme 🙂

Here’s what I needed:


• Green felt leaf banner from Target…only $4.99!

• A cute basket also from Target (it was on sale for $19.99…score!)

• Your choice of faux leaf stems (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $3 each)

• Green, gold, blue, yellow, and kraft tissue paper

• Number One self inflated air ballon banner from North Star Balloons ($10! Much much cheaper than helium!)

• String

• Scissors


My present:

• Letter hooks from Anthropologie to spell out his name.

• Animal hand puppets

• Blow up Hippo jumper

• Super soft gray blanket that matches his nursery

• Adorable clothes from Target

• Happy Birthday card



Step 1:

Attach leaf banner to basket with string.

Now add your gifts to basket.

I much prefer baskets over gift bags. Not only does it feel way more personal and elegant, it’s also useful! 😉


Step 2:

Add puppets to the front of your basket, now add tissue paper to cover presents completely so no one can peek! 😉


Carefully blow up your balloon with a straw (it’s included.)

Step 3:

Add your stems at the back of the basket as if it’s a background.

Write in your card and you’re done!!!

You’ll definitely have the best dressed gift at the party 😉



13 thoughts on “Little Dude’s 1st birthday!”

  1. OMG!! It’s sooo cute! I love it. I will keep it in mind. Thanks Sasha for this beautiful idea. Greets from Uruguay❤

  2. Hi Sasha 😈

    How much roughly would this cost to create? I mean without the presents as mine would be for a girl so slightly different 😍. You are so thoughtful, the jungle theme is amazing and you are so creative ✔️💕

  3. Love this idea! And I just named my 6 month old son Jett! ❤️❤️❤️ But themed gifts are always my favorite and go to for gifts for friends!

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