Kendall’s 22nd easy peasy flower photo booth backdrop

Phew that was a long name sorry!

How cute is this though!


Making this was so fun!


Here’s how!


Whatcha need:


• 4 (or more) curtains of your choice! We got ours from amazon for a total of $20!

I would suggest a sheer fabric similar to the picture because of how light and ethereal it looks, but

if you don’t like what’s behind the backdrop/covering something up feel free to get a fabric that’s less see-through.


• faux flowers!

I love the flowers Kendall chose! Especially the hanging flowers!

We decided on

8 hanging flowers and 2 pink rose garlands

• Backdrop stand – I got mine on amazon for $30!

My stand has really come in handy considering the amount of parties we throw!

But if you don’t want to spend the extra money, feel free tie or pin your curtains to an empty wall.


• String or rope


Step 1:

Thread your curtains through the backdrop pole (Or pin to wall)


Make sure your curtains are evenly distributed!


Step 2:

Next, start layering your flowers!

Add the hanging flowers first.

The best part about faux flowers is the fact that you can bend the stems into place.


Bend the stem of your hanging flowers into a hook shape and hang over backdrop stand.






Now drape the rose garlands over the top of your backdrop and tie at ends if necessary.


And you’re done!!










12 thoughts on “Kendall’s 22nd easy peasy flower photo booth backdrop”

  1. Considering doing this with a red rose faux, what bold color of curtain would suite it best but at the same time be unique?

    1. hmmm Navy, olive, dove gray, light gray, off white, mustard yellow, and baby blue just to name a few? 🙂 What do you think?

  2. I was really looking for something nice and simple for a photo booth for my backyard wedding in September! This is perfect! Looking forward to making this! Thanks for sharing it is beautiful!

  3. Thank you Sasha, this is a great idea!! I already have curtains which look almost identical to the ones you used from when I was younger. It’s also my 16th on the 22nd July so I am looking extremely forward to using it with my friends!!!!!! love you lots ❤️

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