Flower puff centerpieces


How cute are these?!?!



I LOVE  these flower puffs! Not only are they so easy to make, they’re also so versatile!

Here’s how!



What you need:


• 2 half round flower foam



I spray painted mine gold with this!



• at least 24 faux flower stems in the color of your choice!

• Wire cutters




Step 1:


(spray paint your foam if desired. The reason I do is for looks, just in case you can see through the gaps in flowers. *OPTIONAL*)



Cut all of your flower stems about 1- 1 ½ inches from the flower and save the rest of the stem and leaves for later.


Step 2:


Add your choice of focal flower to the very top.


Step 3:


Work your way around the foam sticking flowers in every gap until it’s 95% covered, leaving space only at the very bottom.


Step 4:


Separate leaves from stems.

Stick leaves into every space on the edges of the foam.


Repeat on the other foam round and you’re done!


Now you have two, 4 step process centerpieces for under $40!



Don’t forget that this is just the first DIY reveal for the backyard shindig!!




I’ll be showing you the full reveal next week! Stay tuned! xx




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