Easy kid friendly Easter eggs!




I love how kid friendly, adult friendly, and overall friendly these eggs are!

The design options are endless! Paint, glue, stick, and play without worrying about boiling eggs, rotting eggs, cracking, messy dye, etc.




•  Just pick up some fake eggs, e.g. Paper-maché eggs, plastic eggs, etc.

• pick beautiful and vibrant paint colors

• pick some pretty permanent markers

• your favorite glitter

• hot glue gun…and glue obviously

• paint brushes

• and any other decorations you’d like to add!

Simplicity is key!



• Paint and let dry.

• apply a second coat if desired

* if glitter is being used make sure to use a paper plate or anything you don’t mind throwing away because lets face it…glitter is the herpes of craft supplies!*

• add your decorations, e.g. Ribbon and glitter

• let dry and enjoy!

Watch the full how to video with my bestie Kendall on her youtube channel —-> Easter Eggs with Ken


Happy Easter! Have a wonderful time with your friends and family!


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