DIY Wildfire and Milk of The Poppy

Hi friends!


I’m going to show you how to make distressed apothecary jars!

 These guys are awesome accents to use for your Game of Thrones party, and they work out to be less than $4 a jar!




What you need:

• little glass jars with cork tops. I got all of mine from Hobby Lobby for under $2!

• food coloring! In this case I used two shades of green for the wildfire and white for milk of the poppy.

• “vintage paper” or any paper that looks aged…about 60¢ a piece.

• gold paint pen

• mod podge

• water

• a paint brush


The insides:

(repeat the same process for milk of the poppy jars)

Step 1:

Add water to an empty jars.


Step 2:

Add food coloring (about 4-6 drops for each color) and stir!


The outside:

(repeat the same process with wildfire jars)


Step 1:

Cut label sized pieces of paper.


Step 2:

Tear the edges so that they look worn.


Step 3:

With your gold paint pen write the name of your poison.


Step 4:

With your mod podge lightly coat the back of your paper and stick it to the jar. Then lather glue over the top, also coating the rest of the jar. Mod Podge dries clear but also gives a distressed look to the glass, because no good apothecary jar looks new! 😉


There you have it!

3 thoughts on “DIY Wildfire and Milk of The Poppy”

  1. Love these! Also if you only have white paper you can stain it with a wet teabag and it will look aged 💕

    1. Yeah the wet tea bags are so useful.. that or coffee beans. I used to burn the edges of my craft paper to make it look really old lol. Awesome DIY Sasha love them 💕

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